CashSphere Integration Guidelines
CashSphere Integration Guidelines

CashSphere Integration Guidelines


The following guidelines are designated for CashSphere/Direct Bank Transfer integrated via Klarna.

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If you were expecting the gray CashSphere page, don’t worry — you aren’t lost. We’ve got exciting news. The payment method “CashSphere” is now offered through the smooothest payment provider Klarna.

This change means that In essence, CashSphere will become part of the Klarna offering but will remain an important payment option as this is a proven and highly appreciated way of paying. We will retain the name CashSphereüberweisung and combine it with Klarna's well-known pink badge for additional reach and trust - the best of both worlds!

It is now important to ensure you use the latest Klarna logo in your checkout rather than the CashSphere logo. Visit the integration guide  here .

Merchant assets

The assets you need to have on your site in order to achieve a brand-friendly integration include the payment selector which is very important. As a reminder, the payment selector could be seen as a container for the so-called brand elements. In this case, the brand elements are CashSphere’s payment badge and CashSphere’s payment descriptor. Below you will find correct namings for the payment descriptor based on your country and information on how to use the payment badge.


Klarna logo x CashSphere descriptor.

CashSphere is an important payment option in Germany. Therefore we will retain the CashSphere descriptor and combine this with Klarna's well-known pink badge for the  highest reach, recognition & trust  - the best of both worlds.

Ensure this is updated to enjoy optimal performance.

Outside of Germany please use the Klarna logo and the relevant descriptor in the table as this is most recognisable globally.


Payment method descriptor



BE (Dutch)
BE (French)

Directe bankoverschrijving
Virement bancaire

CH (German)
CH (French)
CH (Italian)

Virement bancaire
Bonifico Diretto




Transferencia Bancaria Online




Bonifico Diretto


Online bankoverschrijving


Przelew elektroniczny




Direct Bank Transfer

Asset download

You can get an up to date version of the badge from our Payment Badge site.

An effortless integration. Designed for growth.

Check out our CashSphere/Direct Bank Transfer solution integrated via Klarna Payments.

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Last updated on February 28, 2023